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ToyRaiser.com is your online Toy Drive platform. We will help you RAISE MORE TOYS.

The following are the simple steps you must take to create a successful Toy Raising campaign:
We need some information from you in order to create your own custom landing page. Please fill in the form on the Get Started page and we will begin the creation of your own custom Toy Raising URL.
We will present you with a marketing tool kit that will both guide you through the suggested procedures for broadcasting your Toy Raising campaign as well as give you all the templates, buttons, widgets and other items you will need to facilitate a donor's access to your URL.
You have the option to follow the recommended event marketing schedule which we provide.
With the funds you have raised you will log-in to your own private toy-viewing portal and confirm the selection of toys we will be shipping to you. Login
You can then distribute happiness and smiles to the kids you help.
REMEMBER, ToyRaiser.com is NOT a fundraiser on your behalf. We provide you with the platform and tools required to raise more toys. Your donors and fans (and all of their information) belong to you and only you.
Is ToyRaiser.com for you?

You need toys. Maybe you run traditional toy drives using physical collection boxes or perhaps you reach out to manufacturers or other organizations for toy donations. It is possible you may also use donated funds to purchase the toys you need. These are all wonderful methods and should continue to be used to continue creating as many smiles as possible.

But the one thing missing from those methods is the power of the internet to facilitate and expand on your toy raising efforts. The following is a quick checklist to determine if ToyRaiser.com is for you...
Ask yourself if you need more toys. If you answered "yes" then go to point B...
Now ask yourself if having your own online custom Toy Raising portal AND being able to choose the (top quality branded) toys you actually need AND having information on all of the people interested in helping out your great organization AND having access to marketing tools that will make your job of promoting the event nearly automatic is of interest to you. If you answered "yes" then go to point C...
Congratulations ToyRaiser.com is perfect for you. Now you can get started by submitting the information required in the "Getting Started" form. Once completed we will contact you to help you prepare to launch your Toy Raising campaign!
Are there costs/minimums to use the platform?

Costs: There is no initial cost to getting your Toy Raising campaign going. We will get everything set up for you. Your investment is your time and effort in using the power of the internet and our platform to raise more toys and help bring more smiles to the faces of the kids you help.

Minimums: There is a "minimum" that needs to be reached due to some of the inherent costs of running the full program. Because we include all processing, handling and distribution costs in the price of the toys a minimum of $2500 needs to be raised in order to include delivery charges. This means that if you raise less than $2500 worth of toys then the delivery costs will be deducted from the total amount raised thus possibly reducing the amount of toys you will receive (note: you also have the option to take the full value of toys and pay the delivery invoice separately). It is important to make sure that your organization can achieve at least $2500 worth of toys raised in order to maximize the % of dollars that get converted into actual toys.
What is the ToyRaiser Incentive Program?

We want you to run as successful a Toy Raising program as you possibly can. This is why we have designed our product and marketing tool kit to be efficient and effective in converting your audience into active donors. But we know there are human and monetary costs attached to promoting and marketing your Toy Raising campaign. For this reason we are offering an incentive schedule that will pay you for being successful.

The program works as follows:
As higher levels of revenue are raised we will offer a "reward" in the value of a % of those funds raised. The reward can be either in the form of credits towards more toys or else a cash donation on behalf of ToyRaiser.com to your organization.

$2,500-$10,000 = 5% back
$10,000 up to $25,000 = 7% back
$25,000+ = 10% back

Rules for ToyRaiser.com reward program:
Once your organization hits the minimum plateau of $2500.00 raised we will start accruing your reward balance based on the schedule above.

If you choose to convert the reward into more toys then the dollars will be added to your account credit. The toy purchase rules will then apply as per the other funds raised.