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Terms and Conditions of Use

This website is hosted and managed by ToyRaiser.com.


When you purchase a toy on this website the funds are used in their entirety on toys for the charitable organization represented on the site. The funds represent toys from the ToyRaiser inventory. Upon completion of the campaign the charity will approve the toy selections based on the amount of funds raised. All of the toys available on the website are products that are generally available in the physical ToyRaiser inventory. We always give the charity the option to modify the variety of toys that have been chosen for them in order to ensure that they get the exact mix of toys they need to meet the specific needs of the kids they serve. If the toy you have chosen is exchanged for another toy it will be of exactly the same value. If it there is a cost difference, 100% of the balance will go towards another toy for the charity's program.


There are no supplemental fees charged to you or the charity organization by ToyRaiser. The pricing on this site includes all toy costs as well as transactional and distribution/delivery costs. Our solution is turn-key for the charity so that your entire donation is used to get the perfect toy into the hands of the kids they are helping out.

You toy purchase is tax deductable. A valid tax receipt for the full value of your purchase will be issued to you upon your purchase in the name of the organization you have supported.


Refund/Return Policy


Because your funds are being used towards toys that will ship from our warehouse to the charitable organization there is no refund policy in effect. If you feel your donation to the charity has been made in error then you must contact the charity and present them with a copy of your receipt of donation. The contact information for the charity is available on their About Us page on the site or via the link to their homepage.


Shipping Policy


When giving a donation, no toys will be shipped at that time. The donation goes towards a fund that will use the money to buy toys and distribute them to sick children when needed. All donated toys will be shipped bi-monthly or upon request via UPS.


What Else?


The next BEST thing I can do other than donating a toy is to be an influencer! Your charity needs you to spread the word about them, their mission and the need for more supporters than ever. We have built in social media and email sharing options throughout the site. Check out the Sphere Of Influence calculator to see just how many people you could potentially influence to help the cause just by taking a few minutes to share out your good deed.