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ToyRaiser.com is your online Toy Drive platform. We will help you RAISE MORE TOYS.

The following are the simple steps you must take to create a successful Toy Raising campaign:
Fill in a few fields on your setup page

The required fields include:
   • Your name
   • The name of the campaign e.g.: Timmy's Toy Drive
   • Your toy goal

Your optional fields include:
   • Adding a picture of yourself or your inspiration
   • A little story about why you are doing this
   • Recording a short video
Using all the social media and email tools share out your URL with as many people in your network as you can.
   a. Personalize your messages and follow up with your people and you will get the results you are looking for.
Post the Toy Drive's success on your personal pages like Facebook and Google+
And that's it! Become a Toy Raising Hero today. Somewhere, a child thanks you.